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We create spectacular feasts. cooking with fire, smoke and techniques from around the world. Using whole animals and vegetables, thoughtfully sourced; well reared and tended to from start to finish

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Event catering

From canapé parties to spectacular smoke infused feasts, we design the perfect menu in collaboration with you for a range of budgets. We cater for:

  • Private events

  • Weddings

  • Corporate events

  • Festivals

  • Streetfood

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Cowley + stansfield

cow + field was founded by us, Sam Cowley and Lizzie Stansfield. We met in a streetfood van in 2015 and bonded over a shared passion for outdoor cooking, fires, locally sourced ingredients and parties.

Sam is a well travelled and experienced chef with a passion for live fire cooking and South East Asian flavours. Lizzie spent much of the last decade honing her hospitality expertise running London pubs and has been the creative force behind Farmdrop's recipes, food styling and events over the past four years. 

Our food

The food we cook is seasonal and as close to source as possible, often cooked on embers, flavoured with smoke and using simple but effective cooking techniques from around the world.  Argentine grilling, flavour and texture balances of Thai herb salads and roast chilli dips, Korean and Scandinavian fermentation and pickling.

We serve our food in a feasting style: large communal dishes which look spectacular and encourage guests to engage with each other and share the experience.

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Supper clubs

At our supper clubs we bring together our passions for feasting on amazing food from around the world, strong cocktails, music and good people.

We never take ourselves too seriously, they are always fun, riotous and pretty boozy.

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