we use the right techniques for the job and the best ingredients available.

Whilst we might be cooking a Thai dish on an Argentine grill, using British produce; each element should feel natural, effective and delicious.

We love sharing plates. Food served communally allowing guests to help themselves and their neighbours, creating a sense of conviviality and celebration.

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Vegetarian feasting menu

Rosemary focaccia, hummus bowls, muhammara, plum olives, picked artichoke hearts & salt baked almonds

Grilled aubergine tagine, cumin, prune + pomegranate

Butternut squash, goats cheese filo tart with dukkah

Loubieh b’zeit - Lebanese green beans

Grilled kale, shallot + yogurt dressing and toasted hazelnuts.

Israeli couscous, vine tomato, red onion + parsley tabbouleh

Portuguese punched potatoes, aioli


Harriet + Steve's Wedding, Oxford 2018

Fire roast hogget

Onion squash, slow roasted in embers, with toasted chilli + rocket

Roasted jalapeño, shallots + garlic relish

Tamarind, toasted chilli + lime dip

Steamed buns

Parsley, dill, coriander, mint, shallots + toasted rice

Roast new potatoes with tamarind, peanut, cumin + coriander


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Office Christmas party, Shoreditch 2017

Hanger steak tostada with burnt spring onion crema

Burrata, beetroot + pesto in radicchio

Chicken skin, watermelon + mint

Hasselback potatoes, sour cream + salmon roe

Burrata, beetroot and pesto in radicchio
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Katie's Garden Party, Wiltshire 2017

Grilled chicken livers with black pepper, garlic + coriander

Charcoal roast game hens stuffed with lemongrass + garlic

Chicken of the Woods mushroom, turmeric, cumin + coriander

Roasted red chilli, ginger + garlic relish

Burnt herb and lemons with shredded fennel + cabbage

Fries with garlic, toasted coriander + salt

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Nightmare before christmas party, Peckham, 2017

Burnt pineapple, Mezcal Margarita


Fresh corn tortillas

Ox heart + chipotle in adobo

Achiote pork shoulder  

Chickpea and beetroot fritters

Lime pickled red onion

Roast tomato, red onion and chilli

Tomatillo, lime + coriander

Charcoal grilled corn, goat's curd, sour cream + lime

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